Culinary Arts

Foundation Certificate in Culinary Arts (Short Course from 3 to 6 months)

Graduates from this qualification will be able to: Apply personal and food hygiene, Maintain safety and secure work environment, Prepare mise en place, Apply cooking methods, Store  ingredients, Prepare fruits, Prepare hot and cold drinks, Prepare vegetables, Prepare egg dishes and cereals, Prepare salads, Prepare starches and pastas, Prepare stock, soups and sauces, Apply basic mathematics, Create and manage a small business.


In addition to the skill acquired from the previous levels, the student will upgrade her/her knowledge and skill allowing  them to be awarded Certificate II  after completing level 4.

Control Hygiene and food safety, Prepare Vegetable, Cook Pasta and starches, Prepare Sauces and soups, Select, prepare and Cook Meat, poultry and fish, Prepare Bakery and pastry products, Prepare Fruit based products, Prepare Sandwiches and wraps & Prepare Egg dishes.